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Drone Photography and the Real Estate Industry

What separates the top real estate leaders from the rest? It is the fact that they understand one golden rule;

“People only make time for things they deem worthy.”

So all their efforts go into consistently convincing home buyers to consider their listings. But how do they actually do this? They do it by providing exceptional visual experiences.

The real estate industry is fast-paced, competitive, and not forgiving. Industry leaders in the space know that adaptability and creativity is the name of the game. While exploring new opportunities, real estate leaders brought drone photography to its core business. Campaigns having aerial photography proved to be a game-changer and left everyone surprised with the results. If you want to be amongst the best real estate agents, then this article is for you!

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You may ask, how is aerial photography beneficial to get the lead on business in the real estate market? We recommend that you read this article to learn about the importance of drone photography in real estate. Let’s dive right into it and take a look at what drone photography is.

Drone photography is the technique of “capturing alluring images of a property using a moveable flying apparatus, drone.”

The Significance of Drone Photography in the Real Estate Industry

Top real estate leaders capture the market by entailing strong marketing campaigns, using captivating and attractive sites’ images. The advent of drone photography is breathing new life, particularly in the real estate marketing campaigns area. Creative real estate agents are utilizing this technology worldwide to attract viewers and convert them into profitable leads. Drone technology has gained fame like wildfire due to its many benefits. The next three points are just a few of many, that will explain to you why you need to implement drone photography into your real estate listings and marketing campaigns.

Drone Photography Provides an Aerial View of the Location

When it comes to buying a property, “location” matters a lot, to all buyers. Usually, it is both difficult and time-consuming for buyers to get a good idea about the localities by physically walking there. However, drone photography or videography allows the deep examination of all the surrounding amenities with a click. It provides a better picture of what the location looks like and how living there might feel, without ever taking a step outside.

An Aerial View of the Location Provides Accuracy that is Unmatched by Traditional (ground) Photography

A picture replaces a thousand words; however, the accuracy of a bird’s eye view image that an advanced drone can provide replaces millions. A buyer goes through various listings and photos when hunting for a property. Real estate agents can catch and convert them into actual buyers by distinctly presenting their property listings. The aerial drone shot of a property creates a deep impression within the buyer’s mind. It provides a perspective that traditional photography cannot. For example, it is very easy to estimate the size of the front lawn/yard in relation to the house from a bird’s eye view of the property than one taken from the ground. It also provides a clearer picture of the property as it relates to the properties surrounding it. Moreover, viewers are intrigued by this new unique and distinct view of the property, which provides a sense of professionalism and transparency.

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A Detailed Virtual Tour of the Property’s Exterior

The benefits of 3D imaging and its growing demand in real estate are well known to all. 3D imaging gives the potential buyer a deep insight into the property. However, the obvious upside of adding drone shots in Virtual Tours is an impeccable view of the property from the outside. In addition to the property itself, viewers can tour the property’s nearby amenities such as schools, malls, parks and grocery stores. Providing images of the property from new angles not only grabs the viewers’ attention but also motivates them to see and experience the property in person. Drone photography adds a novelty feature to existing virtual listings and helps them stand out against the competition.

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The best real estate agents are making use of drone photography and videography to its fullest potential. Statistical data provided by MLS has shown a 68% faster closing of deals1 that contain drone imagery. GTA Drone Guy offers drone photography/videography in the Greater Toronto Area and allows real estate agents to present their properties beyond the lawn in a unique and creative manner.

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